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We're currently trialling DEAR and are generally impressed, however we've come up against an issue that we cannot see a way around and are wondering what others are doing as we cannot be the only one in this situation.  

We're in e-commerce and get about 4000 orders a month accross Amazon, Ebay and Shopify channels.  Using Xero for accounts.

We were looking to use DEAR to manage stock and to be the order management hub where we can draw in orders from all channels, mark them as dispatched and then print them - one order per sheet with a peel off address label (we'd then use this as the pick sheet in the warehouse).

However, we have this issue:  

  • If we do not consolidate sales with DEAR channels, then we can print orders as desired.  But we get individual orders appearing as individual Sales Order Invoices within Xero.   Xero is limited to 1000 SO’s per month.  So we cannot have unconsolidated sales within DEAR as it would produce too many sales for Xero to cope with. 

  • If we do consolidate sales within DEAR, you cannot print the individual sales from DEAR for use on packing lists, invoices and address labels.  So we’d have to go to Amazon to print all sales there, then go to ebay, then shopify… it would negate the order processing side of DEAR.

Has anyone come across this and successfully found a solution?


  • I believe we have a similar problem. We are getting quote for a API to rebuilt because unfortunately DEAR can not support our business set up.

    Have you find a solution?

  • not sure if it helps, but you can map all transactions from Amazon into the NOTES field within dear as shown below. That will not overwhelm Xero while we still maintain a direct record of the related "batch" to the sales order.

  • "Xero is limited to 1000 SO’s per month."
    Is that a restriction with Xero, or with the Dear-Xero integration? 

    Perhaps a custom integration would work - let me know if I can help (

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  • I would love to know the answer to Timothy's question.

    Also, i've seen the 1000 number thrown around a lot , but under DIFFERENT units of measure.

    I have had DEAR support say the limit is 1000 PER DAY.

    I have also read in the FAQs i believe, that the limit is 1000 PER MONTH
    It would be great to get clarification

  • I didn't know there was a monthly limit. We skirt that line every month and I've never experienced a problem with it handling the number of SO's we've put into DEAR. As far as printing labels and invoices, DEAR can handle completely customized printing options. You use mail merge forms in a word processing document to create your template. If you open a support ticket with DEAR they can walk you through creating your custom print forms. I have done many different ones for our company. I usually use one of their built in templates and adapt it to what I want. Depending on at what point in the sale process you want to use the form, you upload it to a different section. They can teach you how.

  • Hi All

    Neither DEAR nor Xero have 1000 invoices per month limit. It is just old Xero's recommendation to keep number of invoices below this threshold. Please see below. 


    DEAR developed the strategy to consolidate invoices before sending it to Xero. In this case all accounts payable/receivable reconciliations should be done in DEAR as Xero won't have original sales or buys. We hope to finish this task within next 3 months

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