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Order status for advanced order

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Not sure if this belongs as a feature request or just a fix.  Currently Advanced Orders only have 3 statuses for some reason.  Ordered, Backordered and Complete.  This to me makes no sense.  These are real orders just like any other order.  If all of the orders can't follow the same status, the status 'property' is basically pointless.  IE. I have several orders that are invoiced that I have no way of marking them invoiced.  Plus 3rd party software via API may use this status.  We do because we had to build our own dashboards.

Solution is simple, when all advanced sale items are:

Picked - mark the whole order as picked

Packed - mark the whole order as packed

Shipped - mark the whole order as shipped

Invoiced - mark the whole order as invoiced

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  • I agree, Simple Sale and Advanced Sale need to match. Especially when you want to generate reports and status is not consistent between Simple and Advanced Sale.

  • This is a bug. Or bad interface management. It should be priority to fix, shouldn't it? 

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  •  Topic started over two years ago and the issue is still present. Why hasn't this been fixed yet?

  • Dear All, the status of the order has more than 3 values. Please check here 

  • I would also like to see this fixed, as I was told :

    "This is normal with an advanced sale. It does not change to invoiced status. However once you have completed the sale, and received payment, you will need to manually mark it as fulfilled and then mark it as completed"

    If I have to action this manually  - sounds like something needs fixing.

  • I second this as odd behavior. How am I supposed to get an accurate view on my sales if advanced orders that are invoiced (and awaiting payment - 60 days!) are set to 'ordered' (with all my genuinely ordered status orders)

  • "Advance sale has been designed to have multiple fulfillment. Let's say you have 3 invoices so practically system can't change the status for all 3 invoices. In the advance sale, you can complete it once the payment line has been updated. In a simple sale, you can see the status is updating in each stage because it can have only one fulfilment."

    This was from support and does answer my question. Might help others.

  • You have to come up with a solution to this. Its been 5 years since this was not taken. 

    However, with last weeks changes people who don't want to use advance orders are pushed to using advanced orders. 

    So can you please fix the issue where an order is fully shipped - change the status to Shipped. If its fully shipped and invoiced the status to changed to Invoiced.

    And if it was partially shipped, partially invoiced to state the relevant status and display the status in general view.

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10 people like this idea
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