How to sell a "SERVICE" in "SHOPIFY POS"

started a topic about 3 years ago

I could not find any way to list "services" in Shopify POS or products and DEAR POS does not support it yet (September 13 2017).

However, you can create a "Quick Sale" (Not a new item it won't work) in Shopify POS and process a transaction.

It will then become listed in DEAR as a service.

You can edit that service, add it to the category you whish for exemple or map it to a particular revenue account.

Then if you re-use the EXACT SAME NAME again it will re-use the same service.

You can use it in :

+ DEAR invoices

+ Shopify DRAFT (Use EXACT SAME NAME IN "Add custom item")


But can I mix services and products this way? YES, Services and products will be imported in the proper section of each invoices imported from Shopify to DEAR.

I would recommand to keep a list of "CODENAME" for your services in your cash drawer so clerck can use them properly.

Definitly not the easiest way but it's working.

Cheers :-)

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