Price Levels on Price Lists- based on percentages

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 Hi, on Quickbooks we have 1 standard price list (for standard wholesale customers), and then different price levels for other customer types  based on a percentage of that standard price. So some customers may be on a level 10% higher than the standard, some, 10% lower,.  So each customer is set up on X  price level (quickbooks allows you to name your price levels- ag we have some called 'special wholesale', 'extra special whoelsale' etc) , and all their prices will automatically be at that level, but you can  still edit individual prices for  individual items on invoices, if you want to change level for particular  items. So you may have a customer who as a rule, is on the 10% lower level, but on the odd item, you may want them to pay on the standard  level if it is a low margin item. Having these  price levels, means that you have one main  price list only. Furthermore, when doing annual/ montlhy price changes,  you only have to change the standard price, and all the other prices levels  change accordingly.

Would anyone else find this useful? Please Vote for it if you do- its one of the things I am dreading about  changing from Quickbooks.

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  • Great idea! Would be very useful to have the option to have a main price tier, and the other tiers could be calculated automatically based on the main tier. Not sure if if helps but the way we have been doing our price reviews is export our inventory list to a csv, then save it as an excel so you csn format it as a table and add forumulas. Then we enter our prices for our main price tier, and put formulas into the other price tier columns so they calculate automatically. Then save the file as a csv an reimport into Dear. Works quite well..

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  • I thought that this has been solved, as I was sure I had seen multiple others supporting this request? 2 years  later, I am still trying to make the move to dear inventory and QBO from QB desktop, but cant believe this simple request has not been solved? 

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  • Dear inventory- can you comment to let us know you have seen this and several similar requests? 

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4 people like this idea
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