Improvements for Report Module

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1A. Reporting API Endpoint 

Many Endpoints and fields are not available from the current API, such as Stock Transfer data and Product Movement , but are available from the Report Module. 

It would be great if we can GET them via DEAR API to automate the task; as we print out reports daily. 


1B. Periodically send Email with Report.csv as attachment

If DEAR can periodically send Email with report.csv / report.pdf as attachment (with pre-defined parameters, such as filters & layouts & dates), we can write our own small program to monitor our email for said attachment.

DEAR --> Send Email with .csv attachment ---> Plugin to Monitor Email --> Consume Data

Essentially, we will be able to consume the same data and somewhat like using Report API, however just different method of GET-ting it. 

I think Periodically Send Email is more powerful than Report API as non-technical users can easily create reports via the current Report Module and create a new Recurring Report Email. (Benefits wider range or DEAR Users

However, from my experience, emails can be quite tricky; as they can work perfectly for months and one day get flagged as spam out of the blue - some technical knowledge to let the email through is required after all.

Which brings us to the next improvement...

2. Better Save Report Layout management

Many times our Predefined Layouts has been accidentally or unknowingly altered by junior staff members.

It would be great if we can do either of :

> prevent certain Layout from being modified (column order and filters)

> Allow user to modify Layout, but having to SAVE the new Layout with a different Name (if desired, but discard changes if not saved and revert back to previous Layout)

> move Layout Builder to Settings Module (like Mergefield Template) to prevent accidental editing.


What do we need Product Movement for?

Increase / Decrease in Product Movement or allow us to better control our Supply Chain, and for certain Product, the fluctuation can occur rapidly. Hence we require said data often as well.

Why do we need Reporting API / Report Email? Why not just view it form the website?

Some employees does not have a DEAR account and thus cannot view the report from the website (but still require the report). For example, Upper-Level Manager, and additionally, they require insights along with the report / raw data processed first.

Current Workflow:

1. Mid-Level Manager downloads Report.csv from DEAR (Time consuming as there are many reports to download, daily) --> 

2. For each Report, run it through our Program to refine Data ---> 

3. Program emails Upper-Level Manager

Workflow with API / Recurring Report Email:

1. Program monitors email from DEAR / from API

2. Program refine Data from Report Email from DEAR / from API

3. Program emails Upper-Level Manager

0. Mid-Level Manager is free to do other task.

Please Consider,

Thank You

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  • I have also suggested creating a standard integration into something like PowerBI where the reporting can be significantly enhanced and dashboards can be created. I don’t think anyone voted on it
  • We have created a BI solution using Azure and PowerBI. If anyone needs assistance, mail me

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  • Please can someone from DEAR look at this request and advise when the API will provide the information that can be used for reporting purposes. It is impossible to get an accurate margin figure in reporting as the API is not exposing the correct information and endpoints to enable this. Revenue reporting is simple, but this really should be easy to do. 

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