Native integration with Google Apps for Business (G Suite)

Being able to integrate with G Suite would be invaluable for many people using Google's business suite. Just having the ability to pull the data into Google sheets would be enough in itself for building custom reports etc let alone the flexibility of using the data in many other ways too.

Could this please be considered? With the popularity of G Suite growing quite rapidly I'm sure it's going to be a requirement in future for many businesses.

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  • I can't edit my original message, but here's a link to G Suite

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  • Here are some Google Features that I think DEAR users would love!

    • Login with Google (higher security and ease)
    • Google Drive linking (adding/linking files directly from Google Drive)
    • Google Sheets export (for reports and spreadsheets)

    This would be a major set up for DEAR. Please consider this...

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