Credit notes for inventory items?

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I have a stock/inventory Item that has been returned. The original Item was purchased when we were using MYOB and can't see a simple way to create a invoice/credit note?

I don't understand why I am unable to just make an invoice to the customer with a negative quantity. This was how we did it in myob but Dear will not allow this for some unknown reason?

I know that if the sale was done in Dear then you can click refund/credit note and reverses the sale but this is not ideal in my opinion,

I believe that letting the user create an invoice with a negative quantity of the returned item/s would be beneficial. 

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  • I have the same issue. We are doing consignment for food items. It's a practice that will be more and more use in the bulk / zero waste food sytems.

    Can you please update me on the status of this feature or how can I work this out in a simple way.



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  • Same issues - on a regular basis!

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  • Slightly different issue here, but related. 

    We would like a way to issue credit notes on inventory items (on specific SOs / invoices), without having to authorize a restock at the same time. It creates a lot of problems for us to have the credit memo be dependent on restocking product and need this issue to be fixed. 

  • Same issue. We supply beer to supermarkets and shops, clients can return goods till 2 months before expiry date. In my old system the credit note function would let me choose the products and choose wether I return them to stock or not. And then the relevant records are created. I have no way to track down which sales invoice the credit is for, on one credit note for return there can be products from different sales. Why can't I simply choose the product (and batch) and add it to the credit note?

  • Agreed. Currently this is only allowed to pick specific Sales Order to issue credit note within the sales order. If it’s a wholesale customer we will face the issue of returning / issuing credit note for multiple items in multiple Sale Order which doesn’t make sense. Would be so much easier if Dear just allow adding products to credit note. Then allow restock the goods back to another location.
  • @Danae Redhawk

    Your comments are valid and we require the same, but I think they deserve to have their own feature request

  • I did post a link to a new feature request I posted for the above, but I;m assuming it was automatically moderated out?
    See if you can search for the Feature request titled Credit for Stock Return: separate steps for Credit Note and Restock

  • Hi Guys, 

    Any update on this. Would this be done anytime soon. I have couple customers that have the same issue. 

    Specially, when you sell to Harvey Norman, Good Guys, Coles, Wollies, JB none of them send you back the product with the orginal sales details. 

    They raise a credit and send you the stock back. 

    At this point, you have to go and search, when you sold this product to the vendor and create multiple credit notes , that match to the value that your customer has requested. 

    You could be raising 10 - 15 credit notes in DEAR for once credit request from a supplier. 

    Why cant you let the users create a credit note similar to Service Credit, where you enter the products and issue the credit. 

    If the issue is finding the cost, use average cost or the last in cost to cost the stock coming back in. Much better and cost saving option for businesses, rather than searching for orders where you sold the product and creating multiple credit notes just to issue a credit. 

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