Credit notes for inventory items?

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I have a stock/inventory Item that has been returned. The original Item was purchased when we were using MYOB and can't see a simple way to create a invoice/credit note?

I don't understand why I am unable to just make an invoice to the customer with a negative quantity. This was how we did it in myob but Dear will not allow this for some unknown reason?

I know that if the sale was done in Dear then you can click refund/credit note and reverses the sale but this is not ideal in my opinion,

I believe that letting the user create an invoice with a negative quantity of the returned item/s would be beneficial. 

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  • I have the same issue. We are doing consignment for food items. It's a practice that will be more and more use in the bulk / zero waste food sytems.

    Can you please update me on the status of this feature or how can I work this out in a simple way.



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  • Same issues - on a regular basis!

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  • Slightly different issue here, but related. 

    We would like a way to issue credit notes on inventory items (on specific SOs / invoices), without having to authorize a restock at the same time. It creates a lot of problems for us to have the credit memo be dependent on restocking product and need this issue to be fixed. 

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