Prioritise Stock Allocation according to PO date

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We are often processing Sales Orders with post-dated delivery dates.
E.g. an order will be placed now, but delivery will not take place for another 6-8 weeks.

Amongst other reasons, the 2 main reasons this is done is:

  • It is high demand stock, so often customers are placing pre-orders for stock that is on shipments that we have not yet received
  • To secure stock for needs, 

For this reason we need to allocate stock for picking which is Prioritised by PO date. 
However when authorising Picking, this references to the On Hand qty rather than the Available stock figure.
Because of this, it is possible that stock could be allocated for a sales order ahead of earlier orders, thus 'jumping the queue', whereas the stock should be allocated on a First in First Served basis. 

Can anyone help me whether there is a workaround in Dear for this, or if not - maybe Dear can consider making this feature available (even as an option in Settings to allocate stock by Available stock rather than On hand stock)

Glad of anyone's input!

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  • Sorry I posted this before I finished.. the bullet points were meant to be as follows:

    "Amongst other reasons, the 2 main reasons this is done is:

    • For pre-orders of new products or stock that is not yet available in the warehouse
    • To secure high-demand stock, but they don't require delivery yet"

  •  Hi Daniel,

    Did you manage to find a solution for this problem?



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6 people like this idea
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