Require a way of entering finished goods into stock before job is completed

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Last week, I sent the following request to Support regarding an issue I'm having...

"I have been running DEAR Inventory parallel to our old system for a few months now and the only real issue I have with your system is the inability to add finished goods to stock as they are being produced and before the job is completed.  If you can do multiple fulfillment, then you should be able to add to stock as you produce.  Our production runs can sometimes go over several days and goods are shipped from a single sales order as they become available. Since you can't go into negative, then this is a problem.  Doing stock adjustments is a pain as you then have to void or negate the adjustment (and any shipments) once the production has been completed.


I also think you should have a "Date Required" field in Finished Goods - I am entering this in the notes at the moment but it would be great if you could order jobs based on date required."

The response from Support was to do auto-assembly and to put the date required into the completion date.  This would be feasible IF we were assembling goods that have a fixed amount of parts.  We are a plastic moulding factory and we are using raw materials and there is a lot of rejects and wastage that can't be accounted for until the job is completed to give us an accurate last cost.  We also can't produce parts based on the amount of raw material we have in stock as we will often stock up to 20 tonnes of raw material and one job run may only require 150kg.  

For now, I have duplicated an Invoice to look like a Delivery Docket so that we can despatch goods as we can't pick pack & send.

Perhaps in the future, you could do something like you've done in Advanced Sales Orders with multiple fulfilments to work-in-progress to be added to stock to allow shipping of the goods.


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  • This is a good idea, 

    more options with manufacturing would be very handy, in fact currently manufacturing is the worst part of the dear inventory system and is holding this product back from being spread over more customers.

    It would be good if at the very least, when the assembly is undone, it remembers what products were issued.

    It would also be handy to have a way to issue a batch into different pack weights, a total weight simply doesn't cut it when dealing with packages. We use the batch number to determine the pack weight and so it would also be good to be able to issue multiple batch numbers from the same production.

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2 people like this idea
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