Decimal Places and Pricing

We have discovered a fair way down the implementation line that the system rounds prices to 4dp... and we simply cant charge our customers fractions of a pence - they will think we are mad!

Our prices are calculated as a percentage discount off of the RRP, so we created the discount rules and tagged the customers, so the discount is applied.

Has anyone out there found a work around to achieve this in the system without having to load all of the different pricing structures against the individual products?

We dont want to use all of pricing tiers available, as we will need these down the line for different currencies etc...

Any suggestions are gratefully received.

  • Is there any update on the above are there any plans to provide us with an option for the number of decimal places the system works on for pricing. We see this is available as an option for quantity but not price.

    As a result this is restricting us to only 10 price structures and as we are a business dealing internationally this is just not viable moving forward.

    Equally if anyone has any alternative solutions to work around this it would be appreciated.

  • Major government customers of ours are purchasing from us service contracts based on percentage of the equipment sale price. They pay us quarterly. We must accept the prices which are with 3 decimal place and to issue invoices accordingly. The only solution we have is to modify the pdf file which is not practical at all. I wish Dear allow for more than 2 decimals for total line items and document total. Actual sample attached where Dear Line Item Total and Total are not correct because of rounding to 2 decimals.
  • Is there any update on this? 

    I am getting an error when using the API because rounding it to 4 decimal places is not enough. 

    Our issue is, we sell a product based on grams (quantity) and the total price that we sell it for is negotiated and agreed upon (Total).

    So then we have to calculate the price per gram, which 4 decimal places is not enough. 

    Here is the math:

    Quantity = 426.8000

    Total = 233.9

    price = total / qty

    price = 0.54803187

    PriceRounded = 0.5480

    NewTotal = PriceRounded * qty

    NewTotal = 233.8864

    The new total that you work out, which isn't what we agreed upon and collected by the customer is now out. Which throws an error and won't submit the invoice line. 

    Can you please make the price not limited to 4 decimal places or the quantity?

    Please limit it to 10 decimal places?

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