Sorting of the products in the PO to match the drop shipped SO with comments included on PO

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We are suppliers to the construction industry and we quite often enter the line items in the sales grid according to the job specifications; many drop ship orders require the products to be grouped and unloaded to separate units on the one building site. 

When the SO is drop shipped the PO groups together like SKU's so it's necessary for us to send both the delivery docket and PO to the supplier for them to 'pick' and load the order on the truck in the order sequence according to which Unit it is for. 

It would be very beneficial if the sorting of the products on the PO matched the sequence on the corresponding SO and to also include the comments where the picking and delivery instructions are documented. 

Screen shots: Current SO and PO which show the sequence of how the line items were entered into the SO with comments & the PO showing how the items are grouped together and the comments are displayed randomly. 

It would alleviate any ordering issues with the supplier if they are only given the PO as we have been double charged for orders because we've had to send both the PO and SO at the same time. 



Fingers crossed.



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