Adjust Total amount to work out discount percentage

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Hi Everyone,

I recently moved from Myob Account Edge to Dear Inventory and a feature I used quite often was the ability to adjust the total amount so that the discount percentage is calculated automatically.

At the moment to work out the percentage discount I have to use a formula every time and if the amount it quite large it is impossible to get the total exactly right this way.

It would be nice to have this feature implemented as It will save me and everyone else time.


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  • @Danny Laycock

    You can change this in the General Settings under the Sales Process Customisation > Discount rule is > update sale price. That way you can just edit the sales price not the discount %

    However bear in mind that this affects the settings system wide, and you can't alternative between the 2 options.. 

    I think that it would be beneficial to be able to choose either on any given sales/purchase transaction


  • Hi Daniel,

    I want to show that the customer received a discount by adjust the total amount, no actual percentage was talked about, just a lesser amount. 

    In myob I could easily adjust the total and it worked out what the discount was. If I change the sales price then the discount is shown as 0%.

    Thanks for your solution but I already have "update sale price' enabled.

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