• I agree and would also like to add that I'm not a big fan of how the names are merged together in Dear. It makes it hard to look at one specific person and see how much that person spends or to review their transaction history (both of which we need to do often). We have a lot of customers with the same name. I wish Dear used additional qualifiers such as email, phone, address so if any additional information matches then it blends them but if the additional information is different it creates a different profile. We often even have open layaways from different customers who have the same name, this can be very problematic when trying to post payments because we have to find the order by name.

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  • Also requested somewhere else. Suggest voting on that too
  • On reading your reply this is “not by design” it is a total incompetent software development and in my opinion whoever scoped out the integration it should be questioned if they have the right skills to undertake this level of work. 


    You cannot base an index between two software solutions on a field that has potential of been duplicated and should where possible be based on at least two fields that would reference in this case a specific contact.  An ideal combination would be company name, surname & email address, it is more appropriate to have more records of a client (That could be merged as a combined operation) than to have unknown complications in merging unrelated parties especially when information is ported to an accounting solution such as Xero.  How can you allow records between unknown parties to be merged?  We’ve now send out invoices (legal documents) to the wrong people, this is just totally unacceptable.


    If this is the level of coding undertaken by Dear Systems you have to question the integrity. 


    So in conclusion: - To suggest this should be “voted on” is a joke, it’s a bug and it has a big impact right through your system onto accounting etc.  Somebody within you organisation with some authority needs to grab hold of this issue and deal with it.

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