Report filters auto complete, even when you choose "Begins With"

The point of "begins with" or "contains" or "like" is to use substrings. 
For example, on the inventory movement details report, Reference "begins with" "TR-" is the obvious way to select all Stock Transfers.

However, the filter builder always does autocomplete. You can not enter "TR-" if there is one or more transactions on the report. If you have a transaction TR-0001 then you can only do "begins with" TR-0001 which destroys the value of 'begins with'.

I reported this as a bug and was redirected to leave a feature request.

The work-around is to make sure there are no rows on the report by using a date with no transactions. Build the filter; it doesn't try to autocomplete now. Then choose the date range you want. 

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  • I also encountered such problems when I used filter builder to sort out a particular kind of transactions from the report by using "contains", for example.

    To avoid autocomplete by the system, you can enter "TR-" firstly, then click "Delete" (to delete "0001") and click "Enter" (to move the cursor away from the input box). You made it.

  • HI Tony, for me that doesn't work, may be my browser, but I can't get focus away before autocomplete kicks in. It seems like a silly situation so fingers crossed that it gets picked up as bug.

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