Clean Integration with Ecommerce with Tiered Pricing

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 Hey All,

Can someone who has had a successful DEAR integration with a shopping cart that has included tiered pricing let me know what system they are using and any tips on getting it done.

I've racked my brain trying to get Shopify to do it only to be told it cannot and now spent a significant amount of time loading Magento only to find that DEAR won't integrate with version 2.0+ which means I have to run a legacy versions of both Magento and PHP.

Any help would be much appreciated.

In reality the only thing I really need is the option of tiered pricing based on certain customer grades.



  • Hi David.  If these are B2B customers, you could do tiered pricing using the DEAR B2B portal.  The price tier will be whatever price tier to which the customer is assigned in their DEAR customer record.

    The B2B portal is not as full featured as Shopify or Magento, but it might give you what you need.  Note that the URL needs to be: which is not great, but serves the purpose for some businesses.

    Find the DEAR B2B portal in the integration tab.

    Good luck,


  • Hey Stan,
    Thanks for the quick reply.

    The only issue I have with the portal is the inability for new customers to sign up and also a lack of Australian (or any?) payment options.



  • I hear you on the new customers not being able to sign themselves up.  Some might consider that a nice feature.  I guess having the option for self-sign-up would be helpful for some businesses, maybe with an additional option for approval by the business.  Of course, it is a B2B Portal, not a B2C website builder.  With that said, adding this as a feature request would be good.  I do not see any current feature request for it.

    Regarding credit cards, it is my understanding that the B2B Portal has credit card payments available as a part of the check out for any country where Stripe or PayPal is supported, including Australia.  Ask DEAR Support for more about this if you have questions.

  • We use Wordpress. We were quoted $4070 (74 hours) to implement a CSV Import/Export file into Wordpress for our tier pricing. The CSV file would only have our SKU and the tiers. That way it was easy to download from DEAR and upload into Wordpress.

    We have not implemented it as yet as the cash flow is a bit flow. But hoping we will one day soon, as we got many contracts and each contract has a different pricing tier.

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