Quote Reporting and Gross Profit Calculations

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I am not sure why the Quote function does not allow you to report on the Gross Profit. I understand the COGS is only posted once the sale is complete, but at a quote level, all the information exists in the DB to allow for you to pull a report on quotes with their sale value and the associated estimated GP. 

The system currently shows the average cost GP. This is a pretty useless function because the system is a FIFO system. 

If you can't make this available in the system, can't you at least make the reporting function available via the API to track GP on Quotes/Draft Estimates/Sales Orders?

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  • Come on Dear Support Team, when are you going to give us reporting against fixed or last purchase cost.  Average cost is less than useless for new items or any item delivered in but not invoiced. 

  • We use Drop Ship for transactions, which gives this functionality. 

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2 people like this idea
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