• is this live or active ?

  • Hello Rahul,

    Yes WMS is live and its been used by many people. 

    To read more about it visit



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  • Hi Rodney,

    I recommend putting a link to the article you supplied on the DEAR WMS integration page, the current description "Configure how DEAR Warehouse application should work." is of little help—there should also be a thorough explanation of each of the settings.

    Our workplace is Apple based, so we'll have to invest in an android tablet to trial the WMS. Is there a forecast of when this app will be available on Mac OS?


  • Hi Rodney

    You are correct it is up and running but the system when used with a scanner (ScanSKU barcode scanner) the work around is very poor and actually takes you more time to pick orders as there are many steps to complete or the workflow is not the greatest.

    Have spoken to support a number of times but unfortunately its put into the too hard basket and give you a very short answer.

    Is there any plans to implement this further?

  • Hi Steven

    Please provide your suggestions on improvement for the setup and workflow. We may create a slight adjustments as other users are pretty happy with current implementation. Just tell us what is very poor , takes more time and is not the greatest. We are looking forward to your feedback


    DEAR Team

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