Generating SSCC Labels

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I was wondering if anyone else are using SSCC labels when sending customers orders out. If so have you been able to generate directly through DEAR or if you have purchased additional software which integrates with DEAR

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  • Instead of raising a new feature request I'll tag onto this one which I created sometime ago. We have a number of DC customer which require a SSCC label to be affix to each pallet that enters into their warehouse. Currently we are using a label which we are currently manually filling in which is taking time to complete for each order.

    Each line item in a SO represents an individual SKU on the pallet being sent to the customer. At the end of each line you could have a tick box which notifies DEAR that a pallet/SSCC label is required to be printed.

    In the PACK or SHIP stage there is a print icon which allows the user to print the pallet/SSCC label required for each pallet as per selection.

    The label needs to consist of the following information:

    - FROM

    - TO

    - SSCC # (made up from GS1 company prefix and sequence number to make the serial number)

    - CONTENT (product description)

    - QTY (number of items on the pallet)

    - GTIN (product barcode)

    - DATE SENT (dispatch date)

    - BATCH (batch details if entered)

    At the bottom of the label have the following barcodes:

    - GTIN Barcode

    - SSCC Barcode (GS1-128 format)

    Creating these labels for each pallet makes the dispatch/receiving process much more simpler for all involved. This type of pallet label can also be used when putting stock away into your warehouse as well.

    There may not be a large demand for a feature like this but there are many warehouses which a feature like this can reduce the picking time drastically.

  • How close is the existing Box Label template? It prints one label for each package number on the pack. You have to manually enter the different box numbers so that the pack is split into different 'boxes'.  I think in most cases, the warehouse already has numbering on the boxes so that we know which label goes on which box. In other words, you have to manually enter a box number anyway, it is no extra work. 

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