Custom reports

The ability to define new reports seems essential when you have data that is not currently available in any existing reports.

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  • Reorting in the system can be problematic. The sales reports are showing an Incl tax value for the invoice amount, but COGS is Excl Tax. This is really confusing, but can't be changed because there is no real ability to customize a report. I am thinking of using the API to connect to PowerBI and donreporting from there.

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  • Every report will have  simpler  customization option. Customized report will be saved as a new layout and can be used again. 

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  • It appears there are some really basic reports missing and no way to customise from different reports to put them together.  For example, a stock report per location that has an opening balance, all transactions and closing balance (qty's and value) based on a date range.  That's just one example, there are many more i've come across that i can't create and it's very frustrating and time consuming.

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  • The idea of a "Custom Report" is different from making a current report customisable. The data that we pass through DEAR can be analysed and assessed in many ways — though currently, we are constricted to pre-constructed reports. For example, there is no one report that contains both "PO Date" and "Received Date" to analyse actual shipping times.

    A Custom Report should have ALL fields available from a data-set — for example, all the fields relating to Purchase.

    I imagine this would look something like the list of fields available in the MailMerge field codes — as can be seen here, for example,

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