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Hello, I'm still in trial and trying to work through and understand Dear better so that I can get it incorporated into our workflow. I see that paylinks for Stripe/Paypal can be added to the invoice template. My question is if it's possible for the customer to make partial payments with these? For instance if we have a order for $100 and the item is not yet in stock and the customer needs to pay 25%, would it be possible to do this using the paylinks? If so, how would we do this? Would we have the SO for $100 but then create separate invoices for each of the customers payments? We have senereo's like this that will be coming from Shopify as well as directly entered into Dear. Thanks for any help you guys can provide! Stephen
  • For anyone else wondering the answer is no. The pay links can only work for the full amount of the invoice. Thanks!
  • I tried a few different ways to do partial payments, however could not figure one out.

    In the end we changed our workflow and now take 100% up front in all cases rather than a 50% deposit.  The result has been less work for staff and our bookkeeper, and we have not had any customer complaints about it.

    One note: you can only put the paypal / stripe links on Sales Quote or Sales Invoice documents...not on Sales Order documents.  I can't understand this logic.

  • I may could do that for special orders and PreSales, but about 1/4 of our sales are from layaway. We've been offering layaway for 15yrs so a lot of people shop with us for the ability to do layaway. We have layaway both in store and on the website. I think it would severely impact our business to cut out layaway. We have some customers that create layaways as much as $4000 and have to make payments. I really wanted a system where I could process all the payments and track the balances all within the same system. With hundreds of partial pay orders open at once this ends up pretty big issue and I'm not sure the best way to handle it. Thanks for the feedback though, good to know that maybe it won't affect sales too much, especially for PreSales. Thanks! Stephen
  • Hi, I have a question about Stripe/Paypal pay links. I've been trying to use them in my website, but I can't get it to work.  @grerem

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