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I would like to request client outstanding balance summary and details reports.

It should show total outstanding balance for a customer as of specific date. Customer payment report doesn't work because it requirs the date range so you need to make sure to include ALL days and this in turn produces the list of all the customers including those with 0 balance outstanding.

I like the option in QBO where you can select current or report date aging method. So I could see for example all outstanding invoices as of the last day of the last month that were not yet paid as of now.



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  • This would be wonderful. There is currently no report to show customer invoice ageing nor is there a report that can be extracted to show customer balances.

    One could run the "Customer payment Details" or "Customer payment summary" reports but you are only able to go back 365 days.

  •  Agree on this.

    With my Dear data warehouse feed into Zoho Analytics I can easily produce such a report, but it would good for the native reports to do this.

    The Supplier Financial Summary Report (in Reports -> Purchases) solves this problem by reporting an opening balance.

    It is a strange gap that there is no equivalent Sales report.

  • I am totally agree with this idea ! Any updates of this ?

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6 people like this idea
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