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It is crazy that there is a hard limit of 20,000 SKUs, there needs to be an option for unlimited even if it's a different pricing tier as it understandably adds extra strain on DEAR servers.

Our business has been fortunate enough to boom as of recent and within less than 1yr of migrating to DEAR, however we are FAST approaching 20k SKUs and there seems to be nothing on the roadmap for an increase which will inevitably force us to jump ship to continue to grow.

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  • I agree. This theoretical limit is nonsensical. We import our supplier catalogues and basically will hit that limit tomorrow if I brought them all in. Now we have to sift through pricelists to try and exclude certain products. Very difficult. The 20K SKU limit is also not really mentioned anywhere when purchasing. I would not have bought if I had known this
  • Mark, Have you had any feedback on this? 

  • I agree, and to be honest I don't see how you can expect for any clothing retailer that needs your POS to be able to use Dear for more than 12-18 months (which look at your sales page it's marketed to clothing retailers). We are a small children's clothing store with a Shopify. Our store is only 900 sq ft and yet we go through at least 6000 sku's per SEASON. I had to remove close to 15k old products from my Shopify just to be able to start a Dear account (tons of work because Shopify has no good purge module). I got my Shopify down to about 5k but by the end of September I will be at around 8k then I have in Store only items when I get your pos setup which will get me to about 10k. This leaves me able to use Dear for about 1 year before I hit 20k. It would be hard to find a clothing store smaller than us. Any smaller and a store can't survive. I can't see what retailer can really use your system without maxing out in a couple years. I'm hoping that either you guys will change the limit, or offer a really good delete system that archives old inventory but still allows for historical reporting. OR that another company will pop up that I can move to in a year. I really can't afford to spend more every month unless it was a very minimal amount. I would rather see a way to make old items inactive in bulk like through stock take, then the 20k only apply to active items.
  • Jonathan: no feedback from Dear yet, my previous direct conversations with them have always ended with them suggesting that we merge products that we no longer wish to have active. However I haven't test whether all the historical information is in tact within Dear reporting but it will definitely pose a problem over API integrations wanting to extract historical information since the product ID will no longer exist and there isn't exactly away to search historical product information.

    My current solution has been to construct my own product database which keeps historical snapshots as fields change and then use that as a point of reference for integrations.

    Unfortunately, moving to a cloud product was meant to remove the very need to build my own database and APIs for core systems.

    Whoopsie Daisy: absolutely, 20,000 SKUs does not take long to reach for a retailer and if financial reporting is drawn from Dear for accurate COG figures and stock movement auditing, then there requires at least 7 years of data retention for tax purposes which is most definitely impossible for a retailer to achiever with a 20,000 SKU limit.

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