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The new sales module is great and reconciles very well with other POS platforms, however it lacks the capacity to issue a credit note of stock to a different location than it was originally invoiced from.

For a standard retailer, stock is often returned to a different location than it was originally purchased. This obviously throws the stock out over a long period and creates stocktake discrepancies across locations which is difficult to verify.

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  • Yes, some returned goods is different location, for example the goods already expired, we have to locate the expired goods to different location, is it possible to let us choose the location when we restock the goods?

    Kindly refer to the attachment for your info and please advise. Thx

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  • We'd really like to see this feature also.

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  • +1 for this feature.

    We have clients who may need to receive returned stock back into a different location - often this is into a "quarantine" or "suspense" area so goods can be checked and/or tested before being put into a final storage location. The inability to choose another bin location is frustrating.

    There is also the scenario of expired goods that are not being written off - but we don't want to mix expired goods with in-date goods in the same bin. In one case, we have a client who uses different silos to store seeds and grains. Often when the item is returned, there is actually a different variety now in the original silo where DEAR wants us to restock the item, and varieties cannot be mixed.

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  • +1 vote for this feature.

  • Please can you add this feature, for all reasons outlined above. In a Retail environment it is not realistic to have goods returned to same location in all cases.

  • I agree, I have a number of clients when they receive returned stock it goes into a different location so that they can inspect and determine whether that will go back into the warehouse or written off. 

    Currently it adds another unnecessary step that they have to go to Transfers and move the stock. 

  • Happy to say it is now in their roadmap :)
  • YES PLEASE!  This would be unbelievably helpful!!! Is there any plans in the near future for this? 

  • This would be amazing! Right now we are having to restock to where it was invoiced and then complete a stock transfer to the 'quarantine' warehouse. But it would be great to do this in the one step!

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  • When returning stock there is a very high chance the particular SKU is no longer located in that BIN.

    Pick-faces regularly move for stock rotation, upgraded pick path ect..


    A standard returns work flow is:


    Return is received Stock is isolated for QA (SPECIFIC BIN) QA Stock is assessed and either Returned to live stock for resale Stock is to be reworked/re-configured and sold as 2nds (New SKU) Stock is written off and destroyed.


    Returning the stock to the original picked bin does not facilitate this.


    All that is required here is to allow the BIN in the credit page to be editable.

    This is a very simple fix that will vastly improve your RTNS workflow.

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