Auto pick back orders once stock becomes available

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It would be great if Dear could auto - pick (authorise a backorder) once stock becomes available. Often we have 30+ back orders of differing products and we have to drill in to each order to ascertain whether we can release the order.

  • A configurable option in the organisation settings for this would be great, or even better, an option against a location.

    We can rack up thousands of backordered sales over the course of 3months due to the incredibly high volume of sales across a very small sales window which means that often transfers for stock movements can't feasibly be completed until the sales period is complete.

    We can often clear out 90% of backordered sales once the transfers have been completed, however, this is quite time consuming over a few thousand sales.

  • I might not be understanding your question correctly, however I think DEAR already supports what you're looking for.

    First, on the Sale List page make sure you've got Fulfilment View selected (top-left) and a status of Ready to Pick (top-right.)  This will show all SOs where all items are in stock and ready to pick.

    Select one or more of these SOs with the check-boxes and a Fill & Authorise dropdown list appears.  From there you can print or email any documents you want, plus authorise any SO workflow steps you want.  Please note that when you email a document from this screen it does NOT bring up the usual email workflow and let you edit anything before sending the email - it will simply email the template.

    Screenshot attached.

    Let me know if I haven't understood your question correctly.


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