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Each item may have multiple suppliers. When purchase orders are raised the item is included for each supplier.

It would be great to have an option to select a default supplier (or active supplier) for a particular item so that that item is ordered from the default supplier only.

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  • YES!

    Just because you change a supplier because of, say, out of stocks, it doesn't mean that you'll continue to use them.

    You almost always use your default supplier, that's pretty standard.

    But make it that you can still purchase a product from a different supplier if you need to

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  • Also in the bulk csv upload, instead, or in addition to last supplier, it should have default supplier & their supplierSKU

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  • Yes, I too vote for this requirement. very important to have a default/ preferred supplier

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  • Hello everyone. As with many things in DEAR, there is almost always a way - it just isn't a simple way and it is never a way that the support team or the knowledge base can give you directly.

    The solution for this is to use the ADDITIONAL ATTRIBUTES to create a new attribute set that you can call whatever you want, such as 'ADDL SUPPLIER INFO' then create an attribute within that new set called 'DEFAULT SUPPLIER'. You can export out your supplier list from DEAR and then merge all the supplier names into a single cell using a comma to separate them, which you can then copy/paste into the LIST box on the new attribute you created in your new attribute set within DEAR.

    From there, you can export out your entire catalog using the INVENTORY (NO DESCRIPTIONS) export option, which includes columns for ADDITIONAL ATTRIBUTE SETS and ADDITIONAL ATTRIBUTES. Even with a massive catalog (we have roughly 40,000 skus) you can update this list pretty quickly by typing the the name of your new attribute set to the first box in the ATTRIBUTE SET column then dragging it all the way down or clicking the lower right hand corner of the little box depending on your excel version. Then copy your LATEST SUPPLIER column and paste the info into your ADDITIONAL ATTRIBUTE1 column; you'll need to correct some of these if you've been forced recently to order from other than your default supplier, but scrolling along and fixing a handful of entries doesn't take too long.

    So that's how we worked around this odd shortcoming.

    We've found ways to work around tons of other shortcomings. If you ever have any questions about how to do something you think DEAR can't do, don't hesitate to message me directly and I'll do my best to help you find a solution.

    Good luck!

  • We require default suppliers. We have multiple suppliers across thousands of inventory lines. We came over from Unleashed and they had it. We used it very effectively. I can see our staff wasting alot of time and money trying to work out who to order from.

  • Same here.  I'm trying to do reorders and backorders, and just realized I almost spent WAYYYYY too much money by ordering things twice, once from each supplier.  I only need to do my reorders and backorders from my default supplier.  

  • Any update on this Dear?

    Or is there a reason for it?

    Sounds like a very logical request, from over a year ago. Just a tickbox would do it.

  • Add preferred supplier for products would be great, please add this option.

  • Exactly! This is the functionality we need (see mockup). I'm fine with a product appearing listed for multiple suppliers when using Reorder Backordered, however, display a column displaying if they are the preferred/default supplier or not.

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