B2B Portal Edit Pricelist XLS and Batch Invite Contacts

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We have multiple tier pricing for different customers.  It is currently possible to edit the Docx template for the Pricelist feature in the portal but not possible to edit the XLS format.  Most customers want an XLS file they can import to their system, the current CSV could be improved if a Dear Admin could reformat it.

Also, having to individually invite contacts is too time consuming.  What would be great is if we could batch invite Contacts to the portal and try to maximize adoption of this feature in Dear.


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  • The batch invite would be a fantastic addition. With the new portal we have lost all our invites on two occasions and have had to individually invite 900+ customers three times now. This is inconvenient for both our customers and our team as the process takes up considerable time. 

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  • I'm hoping they add this to the Stage 3 development for the Portal: They list a "contacts tab" that will show which contacts have been invited to the portal, but no mention of the ability to invite them from there. I think if a user could check off (like Select All, or manual select) from a long list and batch Send Invite from there that would be an incredible improvement for users that have a lot of portal customers.
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