DEAR POS - Till Discrepancy account mapping / Journal to Xero

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At the moment, whenever you have a discrepancy with your cash in your drawer while using DEAR POS - the current process is documented here (section 5):

This process means that whenever you have a discrepancy in takings, your cash float account is debited (in an example where an overpayment is recorded - the til discrepancy account is credited, while the cash float account is debited)

In order to keep the cash float amount static, it would be great if there was the ability to account for this differently. For example:

CR Sales (P&L) - $109 DR Bank - Cash (Balance Sheet) - $40 DR Bank - Credit Card (Balance Sheet) - $67 DR Unders/Overs or Till Shortage (P&L) - $2

Thanks for your consideration on this.

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