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 We would like to see group permissions implemented. It's to time consuming and error prone to have to do the permissions per user. We should be able to create groups and name them things like sales, warehouse, management, etc. and then assign permissions to each group. The group could just be easily added to the user than. Also the permission screen need to have bubble help when you hover a permission. The permissions are hard to guess and obtuse one of the weaker parts of this awesome system please give it some love.

A related request.  Please change the new user system it makes my users hate me. We need to be able to assign permissions before the user login in. You know how many times I get a dirty look because the user thinks I gave them no access/permissions the first time they login. We work remotely and it can be a day before they get the proper permissions applied.

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  • I too agree. Or, perhaps we can copy permission settings from one user to another

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  • I would imagine others companies with a team of 10+ would truly benefit from this.

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  • I strongly agree with this request.  I have been meaning to add this feature request for years.  

    First priority for me would be being able to set permissions before a user accepts the invitation.  Currently there is no notification that a user has accepted an invitation to join DEAR, so the first we hear of them having accepted the invitation is when they contact me (or someone else), frustrated that they cannot access the system, which probably took them a while to figure out, likely frustrated that they cannot figure out how to use this new system (DEAR).

    Adding user groups for permissions would also be very helpful.

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  • This would be a critical security feature.

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