Undo a invoice without undoing the whole Purchase/Sale task

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Is it possible to add a “undo” button on the tab “Invoice” and “Stock Receive”, like it on “Pick”, “Pack” and “Ship”(please find the picture below), to just simply undo a particular action rather than to undo the whole process including order and stock receive, so that it would not involve other users in this loop?


If not, when stocks are received in April and transactions are locked before May, it would be impossible for users to undo the invoice created in June and amend the mistakes on the invoice.

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  • This is one of the biggest issues with Dear. It is critical to be able to undo the invoices for example, to the pick stage (in the case you missed somethings at the pick stage for example) without undoing the order totally to unauthorised order. 

    The most critical issue with doing this is that any AutoAssemblies created will also be undone if you undo the order. 

    Dear is great in a perfect world but PLEASE Dear Developers, we work in the real world where people make mistakes and need to make changes. Please add features to Dear that allow users to make changes with a lot less effort like in this this suggestion. 

  • We still need this for purchase orders! It is such a pain if receiving is done incorrectly that you can't undoing without undoing the invoice.
    Undoing the invoice unsyncs Xero & Dear causing MAJOR issues for our accounts team.

  • Hi Brett, it is currently possible the Invoice stage to be edited after being "Authorised", you can simply adjust the fields on the invoice stage and hit save,

    For your example of missing something on the Pick stage, pick and Pack can be undone separately to the master undo (back to Quote/Order stage),

    Is that the functionality you're looking for?

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49 people like this idea
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