Undo a invoice without undoing the whole Purchase/Sale task

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Is it possible to add a “undo” button on the tab “Invoice” and “Stock Receive”, like it on “Pick”, “Pack” and “Ship”(please find the picture below), to just simply undo a particular action rather than to undo the whole process including order and stock receive, so that it would not involve other users in this loop?


If not, when stocks are received in April and transactions are locked before May, it would be impossible for users to undo the invoice created in June and amend the mistakes on the invoice.

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  • Hi All,

    We are happy to announce that we have incorporated this feature in our latest release. Please find the release note for the latest features as follows:


    Dear Team

  • HI Dear Team,

    Just got your email that this was implemented, but per this thread "Undo a invoice without undoing the whole Purchase/Sale task" has not been implemented as far as I can tell. 

    We would like to be able to add a discount at the invoice tab without having to undo the entire order back to quote or order, then go through each step (pick, pack, etc). We still have to do that. 

    Please explain. Thanks

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  • Hi Kara,

    There are User Permission settings you need to configure, in order to enable this feature. See screenshots attached. 

    Under the Sales and Purchase sections in the user permissions page, select the "edit authorized documents" checkboxes for each section, and once done, you will be able to edit certain areas of the invoice/ credit note areas after authorization. (without having to use the undo button). Once the changes you want are done, you can click on the save button to save the changes. 


    Dear Team

    (38.2 KB)
  • Can you please advise, step by step, how to do this as I can not see this option on my system. 

    Many thanks. 

  • I have full access to everything as the "owner". 

    And I can see that you can now add a line below the inventory items (where you'd add things like freight) to add a manual discount but you can't change price or discount on the inventory line. 

    That is the feature that we would like to see. Should I start a new thread? 

    Please see pasted and attached screenshot for further clarification. 




  • I still don't see how this feature has been implemented. I click the Undo button and the whole sales order goes back to draft instead of just going back one step. Can someone please clarify things?

  • Hi All,

    @Kara - You are correct, you cannot edit the Price nor the Discount values. This is because, even before authorizing the invoice, you cannot change the Price nor the Discount values as it is directly being pulled from the order tab. Therefore after authorizing the invoicing if we provide the user the ability to edit price or discount values, that would be an inconsistent system behavior. Therefore the user can only edit the following fields after authorizing the invoice - Invoice Date,  Due Date, Tax Rule, Account, Invoice Memo,  Comment, Additional Charges

    @julianne - You don't have to use the Undo function at all to undo an invoice. We have kept the functionality of the undo function as it is to undo the entire sale when needed. So instead of using the undo function for the invoice, this requirement is implemented in a way that you can just inline edit the values of the invoice lines after authorizing the invoice. (i.e, after authorizing the invoice, if you click on one of the above mentioned field cells, you will be able to edit the values, and once you edit the values, you can save the new values by clicking the save button) 

    @kelly - Following are the steps to follow

    1. Navigate to the users and roles page

    2. select the relavant role which the invoice editing feature should be given to 

    3. under that role go to the sale and purchase permission area in the user permission page and select the following checkbox if haven't already: Edit Authorised Documents

    4. Save the changes, logout, and login back

    5. Now create a new sale, authorize the order and authorize the invoice

    6. Now, without clicking on the "Undo" buttons, you can inline edit the following fields in the invoice tab even after authorizing the invoice: Invoice Date,  Due Date, Tax Rule, Account, Invoice Memo,  Comment, Additional Charges

    7. Once the changes are done, click on the save button in the invoice tab, which will save the changes done to the authorized invoice

    Hope these answers help!


    DEAR Team  

  • Hi,

    Can you please make it possible to change the order date without undoing the whole order? As sometimes sale people forgot to update the quote date to the current date of order so our report is wrong, and it is a hassle to have to undo the whole order to just change the date.


  • I don’t think this should be marked as implemented. It hasn’t been implemented as customers intended for it to be used. When an invoice is authorized, Dear flags it for syncing against Xero. The saving process doesn’t do this. Clearly the original request was for an undo button like in pick and pack screens. This wasn’t done.
  • Hi Heshan,

    Maybe I'm posting in the wrong request then. I was after being able to undo one section of the sales order without taking the whole thing back to draft. Let's say I have a sales order that I've accidentally credited but the invoice has not been sent yet. If I want to undo just the credit section, I have no option but to undo the whole order and take it back to draft and then push it all the way through again. This goes for any other situation where we may make mistakes with an order after it's been 'ordered' and need to go back one or two stages. Is this something you think you will implement? Just instead of the 'undo' button undoing the whole order, just undo each step one at a time or prompt which section to undo up until.

  • Hi Trang, Ian, Julianne,

    Find my answer to your queries below. 

    We have kept the functionality of the Undo button as it is, and have made many areas in the application inline editable after authorizing. (Note that only the users who have given the previously mentioned areas will have the privilege to edit these areas after authorization). Following are the areas and the fields that can be editable after authorizing


    1. Order Details tab - Product, Comment, Supplier, Quantity, Price, Discount, Tax Rule, Total, Description, Reference, Purchase Order Memo,  Supplier Reference
    2. Invoice tab - Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Due Date, Product, Comment, Supplier SKU, Quantity, Price, Discount, Tax Rule, Account, Total, Description, Reference, Payment Account, Payment Date Paid, Payment Reference, Payment Amount, Additional Charges
    3. Stock Received tab - Supplier SKU, Quantity
    4. Credit Note tab - Comment, Quantity, Price, Discount, Total, Credit Note #, Credit Note Date, Description, Reference, Tax Rule, Refund Account, Refund Reference, Refund Date Paid, Refund Amount, Additional Charges


    1. Invoice - Invoice Date,  Due Date, Tax Rule, Account, Invoice Memo,  Additional Charges
    2. Credit Note - Credit Note Date, Comment, Quantity, Price, Discount, Credit Note Memo, Refund Account, Refund Reference, Refund Date Paid, Refund Amount, Additional Charges

    Note that we have no made all the areas possible to edit after authorization due to certain limitations and due to violation of referential integrity within the system. Therefore only the aforementioned areas can be edited after authorization.

    Of course you can edit the invoice date without undoing the whole order. Doing so will NOT take the whole order into draft unless you click on the "Undo" button. If a Sale/ Purchase invoice date is changed by the you by inline editing, then the system will check the ‘Period Lock Date’ setting (which is under General Settings), for the date that has been configured on this setting. If the invoice date you edited is earlier than the period lock date, then you will not be able to change the invoice date as your accounts will be locked up until the specified period lock date. Changing the invoice date will effect transactions prior to locked date. Only if the invoice date falls on or after the Period locked date the system will allow you to save the updated value.

    Also if an authorized document is edited by you and if payments for the Invoices were previously made in DEAR and if that data has already been synced to Quickbooks or Xero, then you have to manually remove the payments/ Unlink Credit Note in target invoice

    Hope this clarified your queries. If there are any changes that needs to be made to the implemented functionality, it will have to be requested by a new thread and we will then evaluate if your request is feasible to be implemented against the limitations. 

    Best Regards,

    DEAR Team


  • This "feature" has certainly not been implemented. There is no explanation of WHY the undo button takes the entire sale order back to a draft stage. This is just silly and risky as the LOTs need to be REpicked and the wrong ones can be repicked if the user isn't careful to keep track of which lots were picked for EVERY product BEFORE they undo the order. It would make SENSE to have the UNDO function take the sale order back ONE stage at a time and ONLY one stage at a time. Can we please have this feature?

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  • This is not implemented.  I need to change a price of what was actually paid for a line item in a PO.  All the stuff is sold and have to unreconcile 30 SO's and undo them just to change a price.  Poor for sure.

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  • It would be very helpful to have a way to not have to redo tens of sales orders to change things like stock received. If a person accidentally forgets to receive a SKU or receives something that never came in, we cannot edit the order if it is connected to other sales orders. A user should be able to line edit (add skus and remove skus in addition to changing quantities) without have to redo all the orders attached to that PO. Please make this change and save us from a lot of headache.

  • Has this really been implemented? I still only see the button UNDO for the entire order back to draft... is there an extra setting I need to toggle?

    Thank you

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