Report for - average sales, current stock and stock on order

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I would love a to have a report that shows the average sales (last 3 months or something), Total stock (Current stock on hand, and stock ordered) in a single report to easily see how many month's worth of stock we have (Total stock/Average sales) to see what needs to be re-ordered at a quick glance.

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  • Instead of Average Sales, I think Movement Out would be better. 


    Sales - only considers the qty sold

    Movement Out - considers: (1) qty sold, (2) qty transferred (warehouse transfer) (3) qty used in production

  • Maybe have the option to view either Sales or Movement out as my major metric for re-ordering is what has been sold and not just what gets moved around between locations. i.e. if I move stock between Sydney and Melbourne it is most likely because the stock is not selling in Sydney, so no point re-ordering that product in Sydney.


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2 people like this idea
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