pricing improvements including price matrix and sell prices based on a margin, not just fixed sell price

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I'm amazed that Dear can't let us put in price tiers a choice of margin or fixed price. 

Most of our products we are used to working off a margin, then if a price goes up we are protected against loosing profits by absorbing every price rise. it is very time consuming to update 10 prices for every item that comes in the doors with a price rise.


working off margins is harder to start with for each item, but at least then we can tell a customer in "teir 2" that they get 15% off and that remains correct even if the cost & list price increase.


our previous software, MYOB Retail Manager gave 3 price levels:

1. "Global" for every product in the building. eg, Customers on Price Teir 1 pay cost + 63%, price Teir 2 pay cost + 53% etc.

2. "Category" which overrides "Global". eg Power tools were set Price Tier 1 pay cost + 14% Price Tier 2 pay cost + 12% etc

3. "Individual" whice overrides all other. eg Makita 2 pc kit had Price Tier 1 pay $499 and Price Tier 2 pay $495


for each of the three Price levels, there were 5 options for pricing:

1. List - "$"

2. List - "%"

3. Fixed Price

4. Cost + "%"

5. Cost + "$"


Dear only offers one option, Fixed Price, which I find frustrating that in some ways we have jumped forward 10 years, but in other ways we have gone backwards 20 years.


a more complicated "price Matrix" would be appreciated if Dear can set one up...

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  • There's a few existing threads regarding this and it really seems so easy to implement.

    Every other Inventory system I have used has this, so no idea why Dear doesn't.


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  • I just started a new thread on this before finding this. Yes, yes yes, Quickbooks does it and it is so useful!


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  • Thankyou for your support. I can't understand how any business can operate on big turnover without some margin protection. Doing one product at a time is crazy! I also can't understand why other retail/inventory sales from the 80's do this but I've moved to more modern IT software that doesn't grasp the basics. I'm wondering if DEAR is better suited to smal operations with limited part numbers. It's the only way to keep ontop of achieving a specific GP%. It seems logical to me that if a supplier, for arguments sake, MAKITA POWER TOOLS, have a price rise, so should I to reflect that. Instead, we would sell at a loss until someone notices that it's negative GP%. (In an industry where 5-7% GP is normal, there is such little margin for error.)

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  • I agree that this would be very helpful, I have just started a thread to get a report to show each product margins based on price tier as this would be a really easy way to double check you are not loosing out.

  • To set  margin or fixed price please use 'Calculated' option in Price Tier table

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  • This shows as being implemented but the above 'Calculated' option does not answer the need for margin % to be shown! Am I missing something?

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