Refund customer via customer credit page

In order to refund a customer their remaining store credit, we had to create a service called "REFUND". We then have to process an order for this "REFUND" service with a product price that matches the customers remaining store credit. We then take this to the "Credit Note" stage and refund the customer.

We would like a feature that would allow us to "Refund Amount to Customer" in the customer credit page so we don't need to go through all these steps.

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  • This is such a required feature.... I cant believe this is not implemented. Its not a feature request as far as im concerned. Its a bug. How can you receive money against an order but not be able to refund it? You can see the credit against the customer but in the same window can not do anything with it? I totally agree that you need a button in the customer credits page that enables refund.

    Currently the only way we can deal with it is created an item called Fresh Air of which we create an order for against the customer using the exact same amount we want to refund. Then create a credit note, Then a refund... for an invoicing and inventory management system this is insane.

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  • I'm just in the middle of trying to refund customers I have a few to do, this is insane!! please rectify this and add a refund customer button!! The whole customer credits in Dear Inventory is a source of major frustration for our business!!

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