Multiple batch numbers for a single FG assembly

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This comes up a lot for me.  

I would like an option to be able to assign multiple batch numbers (lot codes) to a single FG assembly.

As an example, we put a batch number (or lot code) on each individual item based on the date. And if I create a FG assembly for 10,000 items.  

And then say we only produce 8,000 in a day, those 8,000 items would have a lot code of 051018, and then we finish the remaining 2,000 tomorrow, those would have a lot code of 051118.

Now, in the FG assembly, when I go to complete it, I can only put in one lot code for 10,000 items.

And now I have to go do an inventory adjustment, and remove 2,000 of them, and then add 2,000 back with the correct lot code.

This is messy, and cumbersome.  So the ability to do multiple batch numbers or lot codes for a single FG assembly would be awesome.

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  • Perhaps an extension to this idea would be to "be able to partially complete FG assembly"

    So based on the example given above,

    Day 1

    + Input all the BoM used 

    + Partially Complete 8,000 items 

       - allowing to set Batch Number

       - set % of total cost of BoM (e.g. 80%)

    Day 2

    + Partially Complete remaining 2,000 items 

        - allowing a different Batch Number (from Day 1)

        - set % of total cost of BoM (No more than 20%, as Day 1 was 80%)


    + % of total Cost must be 100%, otherwise notify user that the FG Assembly is still partially complete

       (if less than 100%, there are still some BoM left for assembly) 

        - or ask user if the remaining % should be treated as wastage(?)

    I can't think of a scenario where you have to partially complete an Assembly up to 10x; but the number of times of partially completing an assembly shouldn't be a problem as long as the Total % cost of BoM  equals 100% (i.e. all BoM has been used)

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