• Hi,

    Mark from Shiptheory here.

    Just FYI, Dearsystems have added Shiptheory as an integration now.

    First create an account here @

    Then while logged into Dearsystems, navigate to here:

  • Hello Mark, it's a start but it's hardly a sucess for us. Aside from multiple bugs that Dear have kindly worked on and improved: 1. The load time when pushing a label is about 20seconds. 2. We get error messages frequently when pushing a label across, most notably 'consignment ref. has already been used'. 3. The manifest in APC/Hypaship does not show the parcels where we have pushed labels from Dear. 4. The parcels are sent Individually - so if uou have 4 parcels for a client, it costs you 4 parcela on APC/Hypaship! 5. There are no instructions on how to use it on Dear Support website. Be excellent if it did work effectively, and whilst we love Dear it is a pain in the butt and could tip us back to elsewhere.

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