Shiptheory Shipping Integration for UK

Integration with Shiptheory for the UK. Shiptheory integrates with all of the local providers.

Royal Mail

UK Mail

DPD etc.

Shipstation doesn't have any solid plans to add UK providers.

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  • Hi,

    Mark from Shiptheory here.

    Just FYI, Dearsystems have added Shiptheory as an integration now.

    First create an account here @

    Then while logged into Dearsystems, navigate to here:

  • Hello Mark, it's a start but it's hardly a sucess for us. Aside from multiple bugs that Dear have kindly worked on and improved: 1. The load time when pushing a label is about 20seconds. 2. We get error messages frequently when pushing a label across, most notably 'consignment ref. has already been used'. 3. The manifest in APC/Hypaship does not show the parcels where we have pushed labels from Dear. 4. The parcels are sent Individually - so if uou have 4 parcels for a client, it costs you 4 parcela on APC/Hypaship! 5. There are no instructions on how to use it on Dear Support website. Be excellent if it did work effectively, and whilst we love Dear it is a pain in the butt and could tip us back to elsewhere.

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