Production report which includes sub-assembly details

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The Finished Goods analysis report shows details of all quantity and values of components used in a particular assembly, which is good.

We have sub-assemblies.  Raw Material is converted to another product item (component) via an assembly transaction.  The component is then used in a further assembly to get to our finished goods.  What we would like to see if how much raw material was used in to create a final finished good.  The Finished Good analysis report only shows components used in that final assembly and doesn't link back to how much raw material would have been used.  There must be a linkage because a correct value of the raw material used carries through correctly to the finished good - but the details of the original quantities of raw mat used to create a final finished goods don't seem to be there in one report.  You need to report the final assembly and all the sub-assemblies and work it out yourself.

Perhaps there is a report already there that can do this but I havent found it yet!

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2 people like this idea
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