Working with .docx - Finding it very hard to control the look of templates

started a topic over 6 years ago

Hi guys, 

I am trying to customize the sales quote templates and finding it really hard going with .docx. 

E.g the file I updoaded has had the "unit" field removed. When i go to print a quote.pdf using this template the "unit" field is visible. 

I checked the template again by downloading the .docx file and there is no "unit" column.

Very weird. I am trying lots of small edits and then uploading. Is there a cache issue or reason not all of my edits are being shown? 

No issue adding logo's, text etc. But trying to centre align text and generally tidy it up seems quite challenging. (e.g looks all good in word but not so good once uploaded to DEAR.)

Have updated the template and the .pdf output if anyone wants to have a look. 

Hoping there is a little setting i've overlooked. 

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