Export to 3PL .csv (Need the "pick location" outputted to this .csv)

started a topic about 4 years ago

We are finding some limitations with your Export to 3PL csv. We are unable to easily export a list of sales based on the location these products are picked from (so we can send it to the correct warehouse)  

Currently we are manually reviewing each order and checking the pick location but this is very time consuming and human error prone. All this data is in the system so it'd be great to be able to use it to make our system quicker and more accurate :)

We need an easy way to see the pick(or pack) location in the CSV exported so we can sort and split orders out based on the 3PL warehouse we are sending them to. (stock goes in and out of stock at each location but we always try to send from our customers closest warehouse)

I also tried the "export to CSV format" option and there is a "stock location" but this is different to the "pick location" and is at customer level rather than at SKU level.  If there are multiple products ordered and being fulfilled from different locations this doesn't work. (a common scenario for us)

A "custom export" option where we could build what sales order information to output to .csv would be the perfect answer. 

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