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DEAR should consider integration, similar to Stripe and PayPal, would serve a growing number of small businesses who rely on this trusted and robust payment processor.

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  • This is critical, please add ASAP.

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  • This would be a tremendous addition.

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  • This would be a tremendous addition.

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  • The processing fees from Stripe and PayPal are not at all competitive for B2B.  An integration with or similar gateway that allowed business to use their negotiated rates for CC processing would be fantastic, even if only in the B2B portal.

  • Many vendors can not use Stripe, Square of Paypal due to their business type, such as CBD. Therefore, they are pushed to use gateways like, the world's largest. Creating an integration for Authorize would enable A LOT of businesses to take payments in their B2B. Now, all my clients must take B2B payments manually outside of Dear. This would be a HUGE asset, and a solution to most of my client's Dear B2B problems.

  • @Daniel - It is my understanding that Square has started a pilot program to accept online payments for CBD products.

  • Hello All, is being worked on by the Product Team. It should be available in 1-2 months time. 

    Please check release notes for updates -


    DEAR Team. 

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6 people like this idea
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