Multiple currencies setting for Payment Gateways

started a topic almost 4 years ago

For Stripe/PayPal, in certain countries, we are allowed to keep the currencies separately and connect to bank accounts in different currencies. In Dear integration, we are only allowed to set 1 bank account to each of the payment gateway and this results in that all payment be lumped into one single account even though they are of different currency.This causes 2 problems as indicated below.

1) When we reconcile in Xero, we have to manually find the invoice in Xero and remove the payment (due being lumped into the incorrect currency account) and reconcile it to the correct payment in the bank statement feed in another correct currency bank account.

2) This also causes 2 payment records in DEAR system (one in account in DEAR SETTING and the other correct record from XERO reconciliation) so in the accounting view, the invoice remains in authorized state because DEAR thinks that there are double payment and we need to manually delete the incorrect payment.

Please allows each currency enabled in DEAR to have the ability to link to a different bank account. Thanks.


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