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Will there be a release to add shipping as a percentage of the order rather than a flat rate? We have a general shipping rule for all our customers (internationally and locally) that this would be really useful to auto feed through to the portal.

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  • Yes,

    To use the B2B portal properly, we would need a couples of auto calculated shipping price like :

    + % of the order

    + Price per item

    + Price per weight of the order.

    + Or any auto calculated rates plugin (Maybe you could work with shipstation on this?)


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  • We can't use the B2B portal until this is fixed, will there be implementation of this soon?

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  • Yes - better shipping options would make the B2B portal more useful - We really can't use it without a solution that calculates the appropriate shipping rate per order.

    The weight and dimension data is there in each SKU - Shopify uses this data to assign appropriate shipping rates to orders.  DEAR has all the info - just needs the functionality.

    Fingers crossed you can do this - it is now the only thing stopping us using the B2B portal.

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  • % of the order would assist us greatly as this is how majority of our freight is calculated. 

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5 people like this idea
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