International sales need to be coded as international sales

started a topic about 4 years ago

International sales generated from WooCommerce are correctly being identified for GST/Tax purposes, however, they are not being coded correctly. International sales are being coded as domestic sales.

From an accounting perspective, these sales will be put in the Domestic sales bucket, and added to the BAS calculation, so even though the GST is correctly being recorded, we are still paying GST to the ATO on these sales as there's no way for us to identify them unless we manually export the data and adjust the accounting software (Xero).

International sales now make up almost 15% of revenue, so this is causing a lot of manual work and the possibilities of errors are high.

Our domestic sales code is "200" and international sales are "204".

Please implement an update that successfully maps sales to account 204 when there is no GST captured.


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