We would like to advocate for a company logo to become integrated with Dear.

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Let's add a company logo to Dear. Here is a list of places it could show up.

1.) In the upper left corner of the Dear website. 

2.) On emails to customers and suppliers.

3.) As a variable for email templates.

What do you think?

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  • Good idea.  I think a lot of businesses would like this.  I think it would be okay to keep the DEAR logo and identification somewhere, too.


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  • It would be handy for all the invoices, pick list etc too rather than having to edit each one individually just to add logo.

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  • I just a request for this from a client yesterday who thought it was crazy that you need to add the logo to all of the templates individually.

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  • I'm fighting with it at the moment. I don't use or have Microsoft Word and both Google Docs and Openoffice seems to break the template. It's also very laborious downloading, adding and scaling it to fit correctly for each template and re-uploading! (even worse when you do all that and it doesn't even work! :) ) 

    Ideally, there would be an inbuilt template editor within DEAR with a standard logo tag which would place it on every outgoing doc automatically and at the same size.

  • That's a great concept. This is something I believe a lot of businesses would appreciate the slope game. I believe it is OK to have the DEAR logo and identity someplace as well.

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5 people like this idea
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