Combined packing list for sale (advanced features)

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The 1Q2017 release of DI offers a sale with advanced features. This supports split shipment without the need to create an additional SO. This allows users to respond to customer queries like "which shipment was item X on?" much more easily. Unfortunately advanced sales order do not work with combined packing list. This limitation means that advanced SO is unusable for us. From a business perspective I see 3 types of shipping 1. single SO, single shipment - this is the domain of people selling perfumed candles on eBay from their bedroom 2. single SO, multi shipment - often occurs if not all items in stock 3. multi SO, multi shipment (each shipment contains bits from several SO, possibly several customers) - this is the domain of grow - up container shipping where we find ourselves DI has reached level 2. It would be nice if it could support level 3. To do this requires seeing a shipment not as a handful of attributes on a a sales order but as a completely new data object.

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2 people like this idea
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