B2B portal minimums

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It would be really helpful if you could set wholesale minimums for the B2B portal. For certain products we require our customers to meet our minimums.

Will this feature being added any time soon?

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  • The "Minimum to Order" feature is flawed and from a usability perspective creates frustration for customers and possibly lost sales. 

    Currently if you click "Add to Cart" it will add 1pc to the shopping cart even if there is a MOQ set higher than 1pc. Upon check out, the system will alert the customer of the minimum qty and require them to update (or possibly delete) to meet the minimum order qty. 

    I believe it would be much simpler to add the MOQ by default to the cart when the user clicks on Add to Cart button. For clarity the customer will see a message of "Minimum Order of <>pcs added to your shopping cart"

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3 people like this idea
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