Currency Issue with Templates and Reports

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We are using IDR  (Indonesian Rupiah) as our base currency and this is causing issues.  IDR uses a comma for a decimal point and a decimal point for thousand separator ie- opposite of how it is done in English speaking countries. This is no problem in itself but we look at reports online this currency culture seems to result in many zeros (4) after the comma where we only want to see 2 decimal places.  There is no way to change this.  Also this currency format issue seems to cause major problems with the MS Word Mail Merge functionality.  It doesn't format numbers in our templates properly and wont add numbers because it interprets the commas incorrectly.  This has meant we cant create a packing list the way we want it can have to create them manually in excel.  It also means our POs and Invoice aren't really looking like we would want them to  (too many decimal places and we cant change it).

This must be the same issue with every currency that uses commas in place of decimal points and vice versa - including most European countries.

Would be good to have a feature where you can set the formatting of numbers regardless of the currency culture - so that you can format templates properly.

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  • Agree with Graeme, 

    Or even if there is a way to export to Excel is another idea. 

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2 people like this idea
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