Prepare Packing details prior to a held up "Backordered" Pick process

started a topic about 4 years ago

In the food manufacturing industry majority of stock items are prepared just-in-time (JIT), made in bulk and packed into smaller boxes for shipping to retailers and distributors, it would be helpful for the packing instructions per box to be able to be entered when the sale orders are placed, before the pick process. Where there are multiple boxes involved, items need to be sorted by flavour or type and sent in particular boxes according to the customer's requirements.

Often the fulfillment team/packing team might work different hours to the sales team and so need to view a list solely with strict picking and packing instructions.

Currently the Pick cannot be authorised because the items are on backorder due to not having stock assembled yet (90% of the time). The only place to enter packing information currently is on the Pack screen which cannot be accessed until the Pick is authorised.

To get around the issue, the DEAR software could be modified to allow users to be able to "initiate an edit" on the Pack tab (but not allow authorise) even if the Pick tab is unauthorised because of "Backorder". Once the Pick is eventually authorised, the Pack can be authorised soon after.

Note: Depending on the Pick, the packer could make only minor adjustments (if applicable) to the final Pack before authorising. This would allow sales teams to assemble their packing requirements ahead of time, and not at the last minute after the food is prepared fresh and dispatched quickly.

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