Allocation of Components to exisiting Sales Orders

started a topic almost 4 years ago

 If we use Auto Assembly, DEAR allocates the Components to the FG Assembly. Which means we cannot stock count our components. ( like most companies we keep components in their physical location until they are picked to assemble the finished product. We do not immediately manufacture product as soon as we receive a Sales Order. We have many components which are common to many Finished goods. Also one component may be still unavailable).  

If we don't use Auto Assembly the Components will not be allocated to Sales Orders that we have received and authorised. Which means that we can't use the Availability report to work out what Component stock is on hand and available for new orders, and together with On Order (and our demand forecast) work out what purchase orders we wish to place. If the latter is correct, is there a report which shows the Component breakdown for all Pending Sales Orders. Knowing how many components are already required for Outstanding orders is key for stock/purchase planning.

Can anyone suggest a solution.

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