Have Additional Charges Section flow through to Order Tab of Sales Order

started a topic about 4 years ago

As it says on the box - seems a bit odd that the Additional Charges Section is on the Tab both before (Quote) and after (Invoice), but not on the Order Tab within a Sales Order.

This is especially frustrating for our Clients when they are actually taking advantage of one of the best features of Sales Orders - the ability to skip the Quote stage. So when their Clients do a reorder of similar stock without needing a Quote, and the one processing the order knows that they are going to pay by Credit Card or need to be charged Freight - they have absolutely nowhere to put these charges in so that it is ready for the person who finalises the Order & does the Invoice to not have to worry about asking if there are any additional charges!

Can't be too hard to do - we have it on practically every other Tab relating to Sales & Purchases - so please, whip out that Copy/Paste function ;)

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