• Hi Mary,

    Good news!  You can already do barcode generation with DEAR.  It is just a matter of customizing the printed templates to your needs.  You can see an example of it by going to your product list at Inventory > Products: View All, select the checkbox next to one or more products, and then select Print > Product Label (Inventory Adjustment and Transfer) above the product list.  Assuming you have not modified your templates, this will print a label that has your SKU number as a barcode.  You could modify this template or create a new one that would print your UPC code.

    You can print labels with barcodes in other places in DEAR as well.  For example, you can print them as a part of the purchase/receiving process, or the sale/fulfillment process.

    You can customize the labels that you print yourself.  See Settings > Document & e-Mail templates.  This page will list all of the templates as well as a link to a guide and a video.  Here is the video tutorial:

    If you are doing the template customization yourself and you need help, ask DEAR Support.  If you need someone to do template customization for you, you can ask DEAR Support about what they can provide, or you can contact a DEAR Implementation Partner that may be able to help you on a paid consulting basis.  I am one of those DEAR Implementation Partners in North America.  You can contact me at stan [at]  



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  • Hi Stan,

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    We already print barcodes on our price tags, but would only need help with generating the barcodes for each SKU. We used to have an IMS that generated the 12-digit UPC barcodes for us, but is no longer working (hence why we're trying DEAR now). 

    We currently have to buy barcodes, which is an annoyance since it's double cost. Do you have an alternative to that? Would like to cover alternatives before contemplating to switch to using our SKUs as a barcode.


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  • You can print your UPC barcode, the SKU, or really any other information for a product as a barcode.  You just need to have the template in DEAR to do it and then, of course, a printer to print the barcode labels, tags, etc.

    Check out the link to the video I sent earlier and see if you can do it yourself, use DEAR Support, or contact an implementation partner for paid consulting services.

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  • Hello Stan,

    I too am looking for a UPC-A barcode format for my retail product. Our distributors require it.

    I see that the Dear Product Label templates use the font IDAutomationHC39M, which creates a Code 39 barcode. Does Dear use another font to create UPC-A barcodes?

    Another option would be to have a photo upload for our barcode. Can you update me on how I can stay in compliance using Dear?

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  • I agree there needs to be a more simple way of creating labels/barcode labels

    Have people had success in printing pallet labels when receiving stock and SSCC labels for stock leaving the warehouse, if so has it been implemented via DEAR or has other software been used?

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  • I noted before that DEAR uses this font for its Code 39 barcodes: IDAutomation

    This same company makes a UPC-A Font:

    Can you add support for this font on your server? (I can use the Product Additional Attributes to customize this UPC-A field for labels according to the fonts requirements)

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  • Still looking for this solution :)

    I think this is easier compared to other feature requests, so I hoping the Dear Support team will help out:

    Just add the font and offer a key to create the correct UPC (because the first and last numbers will are different type of characters).


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  • Anyone with a retail line could benefit from this. Even just adding the font to the backend so I can manually create a DEAR document template to use the font would be awesome. Can someone help with that?

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  • @Stan Ward and @Steven Sorensen, be sure to 'LIKE' this thread at the top so it get recognized. :D

    I think this could be a easy implementation if they just add the font support.

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  • Hi DEAR Support

    Was wondering if there was any further development on this and the implementation of creating SSCC labels like other software solutions create (eg; C7). When dealing with larger DC, its a requirement of there's to provide each pallet with this type of label so they can be identified and receipted in

    I am sure that there are a number of other users out there wanting to print these labels but are unable to do so in DEAR.

    Would love to have the opportunity to discuss this topic further.

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  • Hello,

    I have spent nearly 400 Pounds on scanners and they cannot read the Barcodes generated by Dear.

    I can walk around the stockroom and blast away with the scanners on any barcode and they read no problem.

    Generate them from Dear ( Serial Number and/Or Product Bar code) - Nothing.

    GRRRR ... getting frustrated.

    See attached picture

  • Hi Glenn,

    I just printed out your barcodes and could not get them to scan with my (admittedly) cheap scanner.  In the past, I have not had any trouble with scanning barcodes that I have generated from DEAR.  If you have not done so already, I would recommend that you create a new support ticket and see if DEAR Support can help.  I do not know about all of the various barcodes types, but maybe you are using a font/set that is not recognized by some scanners.  Ask DEAR to modify the template, maybe the font, that you are using to print the labels so that you can scan them.

    Good luck!


  • Hi Stan,

    Thanks for the reply. I checked the template and saw that the Barcode should be ID Automation.

    I copied it from the origional. So it is ID Automation (As Font Type)

    In the product settings I added the product name as the Barcode.

    If I print a label now I can scan it and it comes up as the Product name-( This is after about 10 attempts to scan the label).

    If I go to Inventory Availability, I want to print an Item label that will produce a barcode based on the serial number. It still prints out the barcode for the product name.

    If I remove the Barcode from the item settings, it prints a small barcode that does nothing.

    How do I print a barcode for the serial number?

    Is it possible anyone?

    Regards Glenn

  • I recently noted that DEAR does have the capacity to support UPC-A and other barcode formats, but only in their POS section.

    @DEAR Support, can you please work on supporting other barcode types with your other section (purchasing, assemblies, etc)?

    As mentioned, this may be as easy as uploading a new barcode font to your severs:

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